Some See No Danger…



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Something from Fairytale Farm I think you may like…

Fairytale Farm

This from a newly returned fairy traveller, one who paid me the great favour of visiting my home to tell me all about his travels. He talked at length and with great excitement, describing a land of high mountains, low mist, fine heroes and terrible villains. Sounds a lot like fairyland to me.
He called this “Haiku.”

John Fulwood.
Fairytale Farm, June 23rd.

Woman Standing in Front of the Sea by magic4walls

In a hurricane,
Some cheer for the wind, and blow…
Until breathless.

Fairytale Farm
© All Rights Reserved 2016

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Tick, Tock…


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Come the fall,

The old shapes will emerge…

Ancient ugliness; Men and Women;

Stripped bare,

Politeness by politeness.


Strong men will emerge…

Women will flock.


All will want to please.

All will want to live.

All, that is…

Apart from you:


You will not succumb.

You will stand fast.

You will fight the good fight.


Because… you are strong.

Because… you have women at your feet.

And, because…

You made us fall.