Gotta say I agree with the lot.

Something my Dad said to me…

“Professionals do it for the money.
Amateurs do it for the love.”

I would add:
“The difference can be wide but not always in quality…”


Point Blank Woman

As I perused the room of indie authors and pondered my literary preferences, a moment of clarity filtered through the girly giggles and I realised that the real source of my adoration for literary fiction extended beyond that of educated reading – it inspired me to be a better writer.

Dariusz Klimczak Image found HERE Dariusz Klimczak Image found HERE

If you handed me a romance novel I would throw it at you. When I come into contact with women who fawn over romance books I dismiss them as terminally genderdized. So imagine my indignation when I recently attended a local Indie Authors Book Signing Event, where I found a room of uninspired indie authors, signing copies of their romance-predominant-books for queues of clamouring, genderdized females. To be fair, I did foresee disappointment, but as a relatively new writer (insofar as my commitment to full-time writing) my agenda was less to do with the…

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