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Take a look, interesting how an image really does sit better somewhere else… As always, the collaged images were made exclusively using an ipod.


The Weirding Way…

You hated me.
You bullied me.
then, slowly away from me,
You matured…
Along the Weirding way
Now you know,
You will never rebel…
You are conformed.
Along the Weirding way
Wife, job, mortgage, car…
cog, speck, known,
constantly parsed…
Along the Weirding way
This is not my doing,
But it is my revenge.
Along the Weirding way
Why, who, what, is behind it,
Meet your god,
your life’s strangest admirer,
Welcome to being loved,
By the closest thing,
You’ll ever know to…

a friend.

Along the Weirding way…

For any teenagers out there, and yes I am talking to those teenagers aged forty too… 🙂

A note:
An etymology of weird is ‘way’ and in Norse cultures was akin to ‘the right way’ so it’s now pejorative use could be considered an ignorance…and inadvertent compliment…
Either way, it is mixed, as any conclusion from the poem should be mixed.
(Who is the bully now…for example)