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Still working on the illustrations, but this is a new part of the series, in this case towards the end.

And still I am (in evocation)

“And so I search for you,
Free, of summer’s grey.
Judged; emerging from,
The tangled damp,
Of frozen winter stays;
This…winter gardening…over!

No longer supporting,
The wind, and breath soaked rain.

I feel your pulse,
I am in your realm,
This day…

Think of me now,
As, I call…

Your name…

I am here and stand,
Still in evocation,
Bathed in light,

Still awaiting day…

Come to me Elizabeth,
Shade this cold fever…once again.”

But then…a voice boomed:

“Here there is No Need for Shade…
Look again, and step,
From, your thorns…

Elizabeth, surrounds you,
And has always done so,
Every day…”

“It was true,
And as I, understood,
I faded…
Dissolving strand by strand,
Into the light…
Together now, with every other spirit,
To watch and guide all future days…

It was true, simple,
And honest;
The Creator is the light,
The truth, the way…”




Hmm, a Jesus figure, supported by a female Holy Spirit…
Should get me a drink from the feminists…
And probably shot by Republicans…

Good thing I’m in England then ! 🙂

Also, the keen eyed among you may notice an echo of Dante’s Inferno…. Bathed in light, blinded by heaven…