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Firstly may I say, if anybody reading this has not ventured into Twitter…please do!
My numbers have moved from 120 to approaching 500 in two weeks!

What to look for ? Here’s a few suggestions:

Epigrams, micropoetry, and selective searching on topics such as:


So “crack-on” folks and seize that exposure you bloody well deserve !


On a side note; since joining Twitter, the sheer wealth of opportunities I have found to promote one’s work have caused me to put on slight hold, my own plans to release the first of several collections, until I have a clearer idea if how best to utilise this new found facility.
So if you are similarly placed, hold off until you give Twitter a look…you won’t be disappointed.

Also, if you do venture over, look me up and take a look through my following/followers. This should give you a great start as most if not all are literature/art based.

Faranastus Houghton@LaxRhetorica

If you want please leave your Twitter address below in the comments section and I will add you to my Twitter feed. Please note though, only lit, or art related Twitter presences please 🙂