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Well it’s been a strange day, the first time my numbers have so far ever gone down on Twitter…minutes after I posted my first anti-war poem. There is no coincidence here. And yes I have considered these people may just have disliked the poem, but if it were a question of quality…I have released worse 🙂
No, this was theme and treatment!

You know what, it made my day!

Amongst all of the bathetic theatre which is War Worship today…the ability to elicit a visceral hateful response to my claim for peace has given me an entirely new confidence.

If I can create this misplaced perverted sick and hateful response worthy of only a child…
…the possibilities to connect and move another to consider something more of value…
What a day!

Suddenly blogging means something more; I was beginning to be slightly bored with all the steady posting, building an audience, blah blah…

Finally to all those people who liked and followed me today here on WordPress and over at Twitter.
Thank you.

And of course, welcome aboard. I will be looking at all of your sites over the week.


Night, night don’t let the lions lead by donkeys bite…