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This week I went outside in search of inspiration, looking for the advertised ‘blood-moon…’
I couldn’t see the moon, but the stars delivered anyway.
I ain’t complaining…gotta take inspiration from wherever it comes and thank your lucky stars for the privilege I say…




For those who require a plain version:

Guided by Lesser Angels

Some believe the past
Is still sealed away
Secure in it’s record
Of how we came this way

Yet, pausing, I ask you
Who is it, who escorts you
To this place?

The very same ones
Who build the gallows
Yesterday makes…of today

The very same gallows
Which tomorrow you may face…

Just one of the multitudes
Who were lost along the way

Anonymous and forgotten

Living in a grave
Which daily travels further
From lands forevermore
Lost, and far-far-away…

So Instead we find ourselves
Guided, by lesser Angels
Who have forgotten
How to pray

Who have forgotten
Those lost along the way

Guided by lesser Angels
For whom Heaven
Is just a place

The multitudes claim
They will find
Some future day

Guided by nothing more
Than a whisper…they say

The whisper from a multitude
Of uncounted yesterdays…

A living Repository
of a forgotten history
A mere prayer away…

The whisper from a multitude
Of uncounted yesterdays…


© All Rights Reserved 2014