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After a poem about Ebola, I think something more uplifting is required. My apologies to anyone who may have disliked the idea of a poem daring to tackle Ebola, and to be honest…you may have a point, but I write what I am compelled to write.
All the same, here is a little something first published on Twitter. Interestingly enough this poem was sparked by a conversation I had with my brother the other night, concerning of all things “Parmenides” (well, he did read Classics, so…). A fascinating chap who from what I am told had an obsession for the ‘indivisible truth’…a real precursor to Plato and so much else…

In addition I think I may have persuaded my brother to start his own WordPress blog, so stay tuned if you like all that jazz šŸ˜


A note on structure:
For the number crunchers out there (you know who you are), 9, 10, 3, 7, 6, 4, are all intentional, the memory of the ancient’s fondness for the completeness of the number 10 !!