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Here is something based upon several experiences I had whilst working on a secure mental health unit, caring for people suffering from dementia.

As anybody who has worked in this challenging field, I had my fair share of moments witnessing many strange states of mind, but the most affecting must be those fleeting returns of clarity…

This work was one of the most fascinating, horrifying and in turns beautiful things I have ever experienced.


I will never forget the time one particular lady informed me that she had just awoken from a dream wherein I had appeared as a knight in shinning armour, upon a white horse saving her from a monster.

I cannot tell you or even remotely convey how touching this moment was.

On another occasion I witnessed the uncommonly publicised phenomenon of “a beautiful hallucination” (it’s not all horrifying Heironymous Bosch nightmares);
One lady would see the walls of the corridor covered in flowers, marvelling like a child caught within the purest joy at the scene which lay before her.


It just goes to say how you can find beauty in the darkest of places, and the fact that hope is forever present, no matter how deep it may be buried…it will surface.

But at times I do have my doubts…
Had I not found myself in the role of “whistle-blower” I believe I would still be there, but alas due to the terrible conditions to be found in elderly care in England I just can’t face the possibility of such a thing happening again; the toll this had upon my own mental health is just something I can’t gamble on…
But enough of that!

This piece of work is dedicated to those so often invisible in society and in thanks of the gift they gave to me, an experience unlike any other…

One day we will meet again, of that I am certain, but until then…

I hope you enjoy!


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Tunnel of Love

Knight in Armour

Flower Wall Sticker