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Hello folks!

I will cut right to the chase;
Over the last few weeks I have been attempting in my own small way to broaden and expand the poetry scene on Twitter.

Through @LaxRhetorica and its reblog/retweet services: @faranastus (LaxRhetorica+1) and @BlogsPoetica (BlogsPoetica) I have been attracting some considerable interest…yay me! 😉

So, if you would like to join up, you have the addresses above, which I do intend to expand in number…yay you! 😙

Let me stress this is totally free, being merely something I am pursuing to further the talents and cause of #micropoetry on Twitter.
So rest assured this is not a scam.

Those addresses again:




In addition here are a couple of very interesting things about the rise and quality of Twitter Poetry:

TwiHaiku: Independent Newspaper Article

The 38 best Micropoets: Mashable Article

Let’s bring Poetry to the People!