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It’s the season of good cheer and time for good deeds…
So, may i introduce you to…



A new blog but not about poetry, but the other kind of yarn, yep…you guessed it…knitting! The site is a work in progress, but already i think you will agree it has a warm, friendly and informal feel, whilst also being genuinely informative.

I have a great feeling about this Arts and Crafts site, and what’s more….its author is a real life friend and officianado on all things woollen, pointy, and to be honest down right dangerous. As you can tell i do not knit, sew, or crochet. But i know a woman who does, and this is she…

Here is a sampling what the site has to offer:




Currently being considered is a section set to one side for a poem(s). The name of the blog cries out for something like this, and i agree.

Nothing major, maybe a poem a month, containing some reference to hand crafts.

One could hold submissions from WordPress Poets, or choose from the classics, or in fact mix and match.

Would you like to submit a poem?
Do you have a pile of poems about thread, webs, needles and such like?

So give it a look folks, you may find yourself hooked!
And to the wordsmiths out there…its all good exposure!


(guaranteed to be in socks till 2025)