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As we think of Christmas we think of children so here is the first in a couple of works intended to chill the heart of those lucky enough to be in rosy good cheer…

First appearing on Tumblr and then Twitter, now reprinted here on WordPress.

Whilst on the subject of social media something I should mention is the fact that over the last few weeks I have started more and more to test out works on platforms such as Tumblr and Twitter. So far this has proved very illuminating. The more ephemeral nature of these platforms really takes the pressure off!

I seriously recommend you try this out yourselves if you haven’t already. The differences in demographic each platform clearly has is also intriguing but i digress…

I have revised the following poem in parts, so for those already familiar with this work I hope you enjoy the changes.

Making the Water Pay…

As a child I would bring
Icicles in from the rain
Watching them cry
Upon the stove
Laughing as they would
Meander as if on skates
Drunkenly hissing
As they vanished away…

Soon home will come
An icicle drunk
To have his way…
Soon I will dissolve
But unlike the ice
I will form…again

One day I will be like ice
And have my way
One day I will be like ice
And make the water pay…



Radisson Blu

Apart from life experience this work strangely enough was inspired in part by something Robert Frost I think it was who said of poetry that it should melt like ice on a stove…

It’s an image I find myself visiting time and again…(see “A Frosty Cabin in the Woods”).
I still have no reason why.

On a different note I must admit, I would love to see this poem used in a campaign to end child abuse. I realise this may be a long shot, but anybody reading this who works in this field…by all means get in touch and we can talk.

I am one of the world’s worst networkers, and when it comes to ambition I run very hot and cold on the subject. Definitely my own worst enemy at times, but aren’t we all…