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Here, a page idea for ‘Sophia’ (‘Somewhere in the Forest‘). The poems are divided into four voices;

“Sophia” (wisdom) | “Heather” (nature)

“Cassandra” (seer) | “Violet” (love)

Still very much a work in progress but I think it’s shaping up nicely! I am also considering submitting this page/jpeg to publishers. I think it speaks volumes as to the potential of the project. All there in a picture. I remember reading somewhere “the easier you make it for a publisher to see your idea, the better…” Just need to find somewhere to send it to…

If any reader has a suggestion I would be happy to hear your thoughts. Something keeps telling me these fairy poems should be aimed (rearranged, restructured and re-pitched) at the younger reader, trouble is not being a parent myself, and having never considered myself a children’s writer I am at a loss as what to do.

One poem could if utilised in a picture book maintain the entire title. Sparse, broodingly dispersed, with that what happens next forward momentum poem/enjambment/story reveal.

Additionally if you happen to be a publisher and would think this material useful, don’t be shy, drop me a line.


Contact: Lax.Rhetorica@Gmail.Com


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