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Fairytale Farm

Hello folks!
There is something I would like to share…
I have a new venture, a new site here on WordPress!
Fairytale Farm is the name, and something different is its aim.

You could call it a spin-off site, as it will contain some material previously printed here on Lax Rhetorica; which is sort of the point…Printed here, among the to and fro, certain types of work can become over shadowed by the rest. So in order to properly showcase all those delicate blooms…I decided another garden was required.

To further nourish (or gloss) these flowers of innocence and charm I have introduced a guide in the form of the character, ‘John Fulwood.’ A mysterious figure, with mysterious friends; not all of whom are human. Not only that… but his farm, forest and its visitors are all pencilled in for development. More characters, recurring visitors etc…may come, we’ll see…

The site will hopefully work like a book unfolding over time. Poems gathered as they appear under chapters/categories (such as “Tales of Autumn,” and “Tales of Sorrow,” etc…).

Let me assure you all, posting here at Lax Rhetorica will continue, only with the omission of a certain kind of work.

I have high hopes for this new project. With luck it presents to a prospective publisher a host of possibilities…
I have never thought of trying something so structured around a central character before. It is fun exploring new perspectives.

I do hope a few of you will drop by, maybe even hit the old ‘follow’ button if you like the look and sound of things.

So there you have it…

Welcome to Fairytale Farm!

Click to visit Fairytale Farm

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