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A dirty little rhyme in memory of both William Blake’s The Fly and Xenophanes… for the cows, a cow shaped god.



If God appeared to insects,

Would insects form a church?

Would beetles feel superior,

To slugs and snails and worms?


Would locusts write their bible,

Without the bits we’ve heard?

Would Saints become so tiny,

We squash them when they squirm?


Would people pray to dung heaps,

And wait for holy births?

From where the cows are holy…

A banquet for the birds.


If God appeared to insects,

If God were like a turd…

Would toilets be like fountains,

Feeding every thirst?


Or would the insects differ,

Renouncing fragrant words?

Renouncing finer vestments,

Content with toil and worth?


Content with how the fields are meant,

To feed the farmer first?

Or would the insects kill the pest,

Who planted naught but birds?


Who thought of seeds in terms of jest…

Who worked toward the birth…

Of insects now the master race!

In charge of all the Earth.






© All Rights Reserved 2017


Content with how the fields are meant
To feed the farmer first.
Settle in and pay the rent
A farmer said to worms…