Ebooks, PDFs, Downloads…

Collected here, an ever-growing repository of work. Be sure to check back periodically to read and download any new titles…

NEWLY ADDED: Sneak Peek “From Flint Can Come Steel…” (a free 30-page book of verse).

-a work in progress




From Flint Can Come Steel…

Click to Download...

“Elizabeth” A 20-page free collection of Fully Illustrated Poetry. OUT NOW!! Please Click to View or Download…

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“The Last Garden” – Journey with the Earth to Heaven..

Cardigan Scars Cover

“Cardigan Scars”


“In Lands of Blue and Gold” Combined here for the first time… A 40-page Re-Orchestration of Elizabeth, The Last Garden, and Cardigan Scars… (In Development)


What follows is a list of artists and sites consulted in the making of the collages and book covers you see here on the site:

(If you are in the mood for some great art, be sure to check them out)

AB | 1st Web Designer | Amberly Valentine | Lhianne | Pierre Alain | Ashram

Michal Mozolewski | The Gifts of Life | Etsy | Pinimg | Jylian Gustlin | Empty Kingdom

Nasos | Wise in Light |Nicola Samori | Ashleigh Davids | Frantisekspurny

 Jacob Sutton | Vanessa Wilkinson | Christopher Clark

 Stephanie McInnes  | Christopher Clark | Jane Walker | Vanessa Wilkinson

Other Downloads:

An interesting project: The Tor Browser…If secure and private browsing is a concern, I advise you check this out…

For Safe and Secure Browsing...

“Tor Browser” Download Page: ‘For Safe and Secure Browsing…”



Please Note: Unless otherwise stipulated; All images not solely the creation of the writer/artist are used and/or manipulated within the understanding they originate from the ‘Public Domain’ and therefore in no way contravene copyright law. Where the images do not derive from the ‘Public Domain’ full accreditation is given where possible. I make no claim of ownership of these images.

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